Question about some Linux integration

Oleg Yarigin dralife at
Sat Aug 25 05:28:08 CDT 2012


I have an idea to move some Wine parts into Linux subsystems. For 
instance, Wine apps windows and window content can be drawn with Desktop 
Manager via USER32.DLL opposite of using Wine Server. Similar thing can 
be with clipboard.

I understand, it`s a big work, what is must to be started with an EXE 
loader. So I have a few questions before I can start:

1. Does Wine loader have any mechanism for loading .so files.
2. May I move all loader stuff from NTDLL to the loader. Is it rational? 
I asked, becouse there are a lot of stuff, that can be unloaded after 
program loading.

And an off-top question: where is wine_server_call realisation defined?



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