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Cheer Xiao xiaqqaix at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 21:08:16 CDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm a MoinMoin contributor, one of MoinMoin's participating students
in this year's Summer of Code.

2012/8/26 Kyle Auble <randomidman48 at yahoo.com>:
> Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:44, Oleg Yarigin wrote:
>> When I edited pages in the WineHQ Wiki, I notised, its markup lankuage
>> isn`t so good as MediaWiki`s one. How do you think about moving the Wiki
>> into MediaWiki engine? Besides, moving each language section of the Wiki
>> into separated subdomain (like in Wikipedia) would be a good idea too.
> I've been working a lot on the wiki recently, and I actually brought up
> something similar in this thread:
> http://www.winehq.org/pipermail/wine-devel/2012-July/096198.html
> While I'm busy with other things right now, I wanted to discuss this in more
> detail in the near future, particularly how it ties into possibly migrating the
> entire site over to a CMS.
> The Moinmoin syntax was new to me too, but after using it a little, I don't
> mind it too much. There are definitely a few missing features and rough
> edges compared to MediaWiki. However, and this is just my impression, I
> think MediaWiki has really evolved to fit Wikipedia's needs. I'm not sure how
> well it integrates (style-wise at least) if you don't run your entire site off of it,
> and while I haven't actually looked at MediaWiki's code, I've heard that it can
> be really tricky to setup, maintain, and reprogram.
> There are some pluggable parsers for Moinmoin, and there may be one
> that allows MediaWiki syntax. After going through and checking,
> categorizing, and editing so many pages, I definitely agree with your
> suggestion that each language be given a domain, instead of one flat
> namespace. Then maybe just add a single common "translation" menu to
> the side toolbar?

Indeed there is a MediaWiki parser[1].

Also, take a look at MoinMoin 2.0[2]. It has multiple markups support
out of the box (including mediawiki of course). You can even mix them
in a single wiki instance - this is not necessarily a good idea, but
it helps when you have to migrate some content from another wiki by

A namespace branch is also under development. [3]

Another enhancement that might intereset you: the storage layer has
been greatly enhanced, you can now use almost arbitrary databases as
the storage in case you are worried about possible performance issue
with the directory-based storage; [4]

It's not production-ready yet, but it's definitely worth waiting for. :)

> I've come to the opinion that we should probably stick with Moinmoin, and
> migrate to a new engine other than MediaWiki only if there are strong
> reasons. What might be best is if we actually got in touch with some of the
> Moinmoin developers and put in some feature requests. Helping with the
> wiki's engine is on my list so I'd like to hear some more opinions.

Feel free to join #moin and #moin-dev channels on freenode.

Feature requests are welcome, but be noted that MoinMoin 2.0 is the
current development version (it's not a development "branch" since the
codebase is almost a total rewrite) and quite likely the feature you
want is already there (or a TODO). :)

Try out MoinMoin 2.0 at this minefield[5]. The last Summer of Code[6]
saw a few interesting enhancements like greatly improved themes,
support for blog and ticket system (disclaimer: ticket system is my
project), but the test site has not been updated yet. I have talked to
the admin on #moin-dev, and I'll report back when it has been updated.

1. http://www.moinmo.in/MediaWiki
2. http://www.moinmo.in/MoinMoin2.0
3. http://www.moinmo.in/MoinMoin2.0/Namespaces
4. http://www.moinmo.in/MoinMoin2.0#Storage_Layers:_stores.2C_backends.2C_middlewares
5. http://test.moinmo.in/
6. http://www.moinmo.in/GoogleSoc2012

Cheer Xiao

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