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Kyle Auble randomidman48 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 26 12:43:04 CDT 2012

Sorry if my replies come in large batches, I'm subscribed to the
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Sun, 26 Aug 2012 10:08, Cheer Xiao wrote:

> Hi all,

> I'm a MoinMoin contributor, one of MoinMoin's participating students
> in this year's Summer of Code.

> 2012/8/26 Kyle Auble <randomidman48 at yahoo.com>:
>> Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:44, Oleg Yarigin wrote:
>>> When I edited pages in the WineHQ Wiki, I notised, its markup lankuage
>>> isn`t so good as MediaWiki`s one. How do you think about moving the Wiki
>>> into MediaWiki engine? Besides, moving each language section of the Wiki
>>> into separated subdomain (like in Wikipedia) would be a good idea too.
>> There are some pluggable parsers for Moinmoin, and there may be one
>> that allows MediaWiki syntax. After going through and checking,
>> categorizing, and editing so many pages, I definitely agree with your
>> suggestion that each language be given a domain, instead of one flat
>> namespace. Then maybe just add a single common "translation" menu to
>> the side toolbar?

> Indeed there is a MediaWiki parser[1].

> Also, take a look at MoinMoin 2.0[2]. It has multiple markups support
> out of the box (including mediawiki of course). You can even mix them
> in a single wiki instance - this is not necessarily a good idea, but
> it helps when you have to migrate some content from another wiki by
> hand.
> Feature requests are welcome, but be noted that MoinMoin 2.0 is the
> current development version (it's not a development "branch" since the
> codebase is almost a total rewrite) and quite likely the feature you
> want is already there (or a TODO). :)

Hello, I'm glad to hear there's already a line of communication.
Allowing people to use MediaWiki syntax will probably be a big plus.

There have been performance problems, but I noticed both the Ubuntu
and Moinmoin wikis are pretty snappy so I'm thinking it's due to a
strained server and using an old version of Moinmoin (although the
SystemInfo macro seems to be disabled, I ran across version info
somewhere, and I think Wine Wiki is running Moinmoin 1.5 or 1.6).
I'm not sure if other problems I've noticed have been fixed in v1.8 or
1.9 so I would have to try out those versions before checking against

One thing I have done is written up some python code to help
convert HTML tables to Moinmoin ones. I checked in Moinmoin's
script market, but could only find full-blown page converters, and
their output was kind of messy. I probably got carried away, but I'll
attach it to http://wiki.winehq.org/WineStatus because I'm using it to
move WineHQ's static status pages to the wiki. I guess that would
make it LGPL so if you want to salvage a few parts from it or have me
submit it to your utility marketplace, just let me know.

Sun, 26 Aug 2012 16:07, Andre Hentschel wrote:
> Further it seems a bit more complicated with Wine, the moinmoin wiki is sponsored by http://lattica.com/ (whatever
> sponsored means, didn't find further information) and the code
> is not accessable via a wine git repo (maybe it should be in tools.git, website.git or its own). This also leads to the
> fact that we still have no new wiki theme years after the
> theme change on the website.

> Now that we upgraded the Forum engine we (we as in laxdragon xD) could maybe do something about the wiki, it
> needs love.
> It seems Kyle is doing a good job at the content, but the content is not everything.

Thank you for the compliment. I am actually planning on doing more
coding soon, but besides ramping up, I though cleaning up the wiki
some first would let me see where the different parts of the project
are. Applying the theme from the rest of the WineHQ is on both the
WikiToDo and my own list (no guarantees about how long I would take

Sun, 26 Aug 2012 22:46, Cheer Xiao wrote:
> And yes, as I noted in a previous post moin2 is *not* production-ready
> yet and I don't suggest you jump ship now. :)

> What I do strongly suggest, however, is that you upgrade to moin1.9
> first, since 1) there has been many security fixes[1] which are not
> backported to old versions, and 2) upgrade to moin2 will only be
> supported from moin1.9.

Helping to upgrade the wiki is on my list somewhere between finishing
a first round of polishing content and trying a couple of patches to
Wine itself. Although the maintainer would actually have to deploy it, I
could test and work some of the kinks out of the upgrade using a local

Dimi Paun put a lot of work into setting up the wiki in the first place
and is the maintainer at lattica. From the git logs and mail list, it
seems like he has been really busy with other things for a while. At
times, Jeremy Newman has raised the possibility of moving the wiki
to WineHQ:

I remember stumbling across another email too, but I can't find it
right now. If it's still a possibilty, I think the first step would be
somehow setting up datadumps so we could start on the upgrade. If
there is already a feature for admins to do that, maybe Dimi could
start putting a daily/weekly tarball on WineHQ's FTP site. If it requires
a custom patch though, I could look into doing that too.


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