Moving pages to/from wiki

Kyle Auble randomidman48 at
Wed Aug 29 14:13:21 CDT 2012

I'm starting to work on moving static pages to and from the wiki, but I 
wanted to ask for opinions on a few changes first:

1. Move all static IRC pages to the wiki or add info from the wiki to 
the static templates? The static pages only mention #winehq and don't 
describe guidelines, but IRC details shouldn't change much right?

2. For the static About page, some languages also have wiki versions. 
Do we want to keep the sparser versions currently in use, or add the 
more detailed information from the wiki version? Both versions seem 
well-written, and exist for English, Hebrew, & Spanish (I deleted 
the Polish wiki version; it was a duplicate).

3. Do we still need the static "cvs" page, or should I just redirect any 
links to it, then delete? On a related note, the WineHQ ToDo on the 
wiki still claims that a browser for the old CVS source tree is 
lurking on the site somewhere. Is that true, or do I need to cut that 
line from the ToDo list?

4. Since licensing tends to be really static could we just redirect 
the WikiLicense page to the static license page, or should they be 
kept separate? While I'd think it wouldn't be too hard to reword the 
static page's intro to include other projects, I'm leery of editing 
any legal-ese without asking first. By the way, the WikiLicense page 
says it's LGPL v2.1 in the intro text, but the included license 
actually looks like v2.0 of the GPL with a modification for libraries. 
If the wiki version of the page should stay, I'll put in a copy of v2.1

- Kyle

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