Small patch to make Adobe Lightroom 4.x work with wine 1.5.17

Roland Baudin roland65 at
Sun Dec 2 09:19:24 CST 2012


here is a small patch that allows me to make Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 
4.x work very well with wine 1.5.17.

First let me recall that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is *the* catalog and 
raw development application for professional photographers and hobbyists.

The patch has two parts. The first part essentially modifies the file 
sync.c from the kernel32 dll and implements some functions related to 
Condition Variables. I found an original patch by Marcus Meissner and I 
fixed it because it led to a 100% CPU load. I tried to contact Marcus to 
discuss my changes with him, but he didn't answer and so I submit my 
changes to this list, otherwise my work would be lost...

The second part modifies the file menu.c from the user32 dll. It allows 
the menu bar to appear in Lightroom when the windows version is set to 
winxp. I'm not the author of this patch but if I remember well, I found 
it several monthes ago somewhere in the wine patch list.

With the patch applied, I was able to run Lightroom 4.2 flawessly, and 
it's very stable. I (and other users) have found only minor bugs (like a 
limitation of the number of shown thumbnails to 455 per folder on a 22 
inches display) but the patch is a huge step forward for Lightroom.

Here is a link where I explain the whole installation procedure (message 
#34) :

I apologize because I don't have the skills to write a test for the 
functions of this patch...

Have a nice day,

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Toutes Choses
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