[PATCH 1/4] kernel32: Support UTF-7 in MultiByteToWideChar.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Wed Dec 5 04:14:27 CST 2012

David Laight <david at l8s.co.uk> wrote:

> > I think encoding and decoding in UTF-7 arbitrary binary data was
> > considered a "feature" in Windows XP. As MSDN said, "Code written in
> > earlier versions of Windows that rely on this behavior to encode
> > random non-text binary data might run into problems." So I'm sure
> > there's at least one application that depends on the data not being
> > Unicode-normalized. Whoever adds normalization will have to make sure
> > it's turned off in Windows XP (or older) mode.
> Actually UTF-8 is a PITA - a program has to know whether every
> individual C string (or file) is UTF-8 or 8bit ascii (well 8859-x).
> Assuming UTF-8 doesn't work unless in can process all arbitrary
> byte sequences (and write them back) - which the standard doesn't
> allow for.

Alex is adding UTF-7 support (although the problem may be in the same
area as for UTF-8).


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