Announcing the Mac driver

Hin-Tak Leung htl10 at
Wed Dec 12 16:27:11 CST 2012

--- On Wed, 12/12/12, Ken Thomases <ken at> wrote:

> Greetings Wine community,
> As many of you may be aware, CodeWeavers just released
> CrossOver 12.  We're pleased to announce that CrossOver
> 12 includes the long-awaited Mac driver.  If you're not
> familiar with it, the Mac driver is an alternative to Wine's
> X11 driver for use on Mac OS X.  It allows Wine to
> present windows, receive input from the keyboard and mouse,
> and interact with system facilities like the clipboard using
> Cocoa and other Mac-native APIs.  That allows for
> superior integration into the Mac UI and eliminates the need
> for the foreign X11 middleware.
> The Mac driver is not yet complete but it's pretty far
> along.  In CrossOver 12, it's described as an
> "experimental" feature and is disabled by default. 
> We're aware of chunks of functionality, both big and small,
> that are simply not implemented yet and there are surely
> many bugs in need of squashing.
> You can take a look at the source in CodeWeavers' usual Wine
> source tarball at <>. 
> The Mac driver lives in dlls/winemac.drv.  Because it
> was under (somewhat chaotic) development right up until the
> release of CrossOver 12, we do not yet have a series of
> clean patches for it to submit to Wine.  In the coming
> days and weeks, I will be reconstructing the Mac driver as
> just such a patch series and submitting it.  Mind you,
> those patches will face the same demanding scrutiny from
> Alexandre as everything else, so that process may be slow
> and painful.  I'm SO looking forward to that!

> Thank you to everyone who contributes to Wine for making
> this possible.  It will be fun to work with you on
> continuing development of the Mac driver.
> Cheers,
> Ken

Well-done for the work and cheers.

I am somewhat curious about the tar ball - why is the version 12 source (120MB) and so much bigger than the previous (44MB)? I can probably work it out by downloading and unpacking both, but I am feeling lazy...


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