FindFirstVolume crash

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Fri Dec 14 04:13:30 CST 2012

On 12/12/2012 11:00 PM, Michael Ost wrote:
> Hi list,
> Can someone help me get through the wineserver code for passing data 
> through a buffer in response to an ioctl?
> Our (slightly out of date 1.3.24 version of) Wine is getting 
> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE returned for FindFirstVolume. The problem is that 
> the FindNextVolume call inside FindFirstVolume fails because it is 
> told there are no mount points.
> I have tracked the code through FindFirstVolume through 
> NtDeviceIoControlFile to server_ioctl_file on the app side.
> On the wineserver side I can see the wineserver fielding the ioctl 
> request, and mountmgr.sys filling a buffer with 5 mount points.
> But this information is being written into a buffer (address 0x12510) 
> by the wineserver that is not making it back to FindNextVolume buffer 
> (address 0x29820) on the app side.
> Where do these buffers come from? Do they use shared memory? Or is the 
> info passed through a pipe? I'm having trouble making my way through 
> the wineserver code, so any tips or pointers would be appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Michael Ost
> Muse Research, Inc.
Hi Michael,

First, some tips:
Have you tested the latest version of wine (v1.3.24 is 17 months old) ?
There are some helpful debug channels which can help you like 'volume' 
or 'server'. I only recommend 'relay' if you're despaired (remember 
there is a registry key that hide some very-repetitive-and-often-useless 

I built a simple test case and I don't get any error.
You said there is no mount points but you should at least get the C 
drive and the drive corresponding to /.
Is your wine prefix working ?
Try with a new one (WINEPREFIX=~/wine_test for instance)

I'm not used to debug wineserver issues and I'm happy with that because 
debugging multi-thread apps is often a mess.
But after some research, it seems to be a pipe.
So server_ioctl_file (ntdll/file) calls wine_server_call (ntdll/server) 
calling then send_request (same file) which writes to 
ntdll_get_thread_data()->request_fd. This one seems to be initialized in 
RtlCreateUserThread (ntdll/thread).

Hope it helps..
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