Call for papers - FOSDEM 2013

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Dec 17 13:38:34 CST 2012

On 11/01/2012 01:59 PM, Jeremy White wrote:
> Alright folks,
> We need to put together a schedule for our room at FOSDEM.
> So I would like to formally 'call for papers' for FOSDEM.  Please email
> suggested topics to wineconf at, where I'll collate them and
> piece them into a schedule.
> A 'paper' can be a talk you wish to give, or a topic you think we should
> discuss.  As always, they should be relatively brief, and should
> emphasize discussion and collaboration.
> This year it probably makes sense to imagine a few talks aimed at
> developers outside the Wine community.  After all, the hope is that a
> few bored non Wine developers may wander by from time to time.  Perhaps
> we can suck them in <grin>.

Reviewing what 'other' FOSDEM devroom guys have done, I see that I
failed to establish a deadline for the CFP.  So let me hereby
arbitrarily pick December 31, 2012.

Please get your proposals in no later than then; we'll then cull through
the suggestions and set the agenda.  I will likely add a section for
breakouts or general discussion as well.



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