Does Wine benefit from libtiff5 over libtiff4?

Scott Ritchie scott at
Mon Dec 17 18:30:06 CST 2012

I'm trying to manage building for 3 different Ubuntu releases now for 
our 1.5 releases, and the main delta between them is libtiff

12.04: libtiff4 available
12.10: libtiff4 and libtiff 5 available
13.04: libtiff4 and libtiff 5 available

It's much simpler if I can build on 12.04 and copy the binary packages, 
however this means I can't use libtiff5 if I do so.  Is there any 
benefit in doing a separate build just for this?

*note that in 12.10/13.04 official archive we build seperately and just 
use libtiff5.

Scott Ritchie

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