Clang static analyzer results / wine-1.5.19-186-g1cd0c4a

Austin English austinenglish at
Tue Dec 18 13:09:37 CST 2012

Now that
is in (and clang has improved), several wine/clang bugs are fixed.

For those curious, there is one remaining test failure on my machine,
with clang instead of gcc:

The static analyzer results were made with:
llvm: git-svn-id:
clang: git-svn-id:
wine: wine-1.5.19-186-g1cd0c4a

./configure --disable-tests was used to reduce noise

austin at debian-home:~$ du -h wine-1.5.19-186-g1cd0c4a.tar.bz2
39M	wine-1.5.19-186-g1cd0c4a.tar.bz2
austin at debian-home:~$ sha1sum wine-1.5.19-186-g1cd0c4a.tar.bz2
bf86469ab3929faf996b76d4a8e533edcf24fd29  wine-1.5.19-186-g1cd0c4a.tar.bz2

Available at


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