[PATCH 0/5] Moving bare consoles to wineconsole (try #2)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Wed Dec 19 06:52:13 CST 2012

> Try #2 (changes from previous patch)

> > - fix changelog of first patch (was WineHelp...)
> > - fix date in header for new file
> > - remove setting title code (will be fixed in later patch)
> Actually the problem is not only the title. For instance it's still
> sending escape sequences when stdout is redirected.
> did you test that for the last patch in the patchset or for items in the
middle of the patchset ?
it's intended to work only for the last one in the patchset as it's easier
to do it when the old code is removed, and not changing the old code to
make it work in patch#2 and erase it in next patch

Eric Pouech
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