wine-1.5.20 reversion compared to 1.5.19 and previous; MinGW/gcc 4.7.0 segfaults under wineconsole

Alan W. Irwin irwin at
Mon Dec 24 01:58:24 CST 2012

On 2012-12-23 21:25-0600 Austin English wrote:

> On Dec 23, 2012 7:22 PM, "Alan W. Irwin" <irwin at> wrote:
>> The subject line pretty much says it all.  Running MinGW/gcc under
>> wineconsole for any simple test programme should demonstrate the issue
>> for wine-1.5.20 which is not present in wine-1.5.19 and a fairly large
>> selection of 1.5.x and MinGW versions I have tried over the last year
>> or so.
>> I would be happy to supply more details if there is any difficulty
>> replicating this reversion.
>> Alan
> Please run a regression test and file a bug at

No thank you.

The last time I wrote a wine bug report (with a test case and a patch
to fix the problem no less), wine developers seemed content with the
fact that that bug had been reported.  They did not actually fix the
problem until I made a special personal appeal to one of them more
than a year later. So eventually there was a happy ending there, but
the impression I got from that experience is that Wine bug reports for
even the most obvious issues like that one are pretty much a waste of
everyone's time unless and until a Wine developer takes
responsibility.  Of course, in that case the bug reporting system is
worthwhile since it can make a permanent record of all the events
leading to a solution.

In this case, I would like a Wine developer to take responsibility as
well for what I think is an obvious issue with 1.5.20 by verifying the
issue, and then taking any further development steps they want to take
concerning this issue.  Or perhaps there will be an even more obvious
symptom of the problem with 1.5.20 that will lead to a solution
quicker than if someone follows the MinGW segfault symptom that I have
found.  In other words, I am willing to help out Wine by reporting the
issue informally here, and let Wine developers make their best
judgement of what to do about the issue, but that is about it.

Sorry I have to be ruthless about this, but I do not want to get
involved in wine development or go through a bunch of Wine
bug-reporting hoops since I need to reserve my development efforts for
my own free software projects.

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