[9/9] server: Add support for named pipe message mode.

Daniel Jelinski djelinski1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 16:14:54 CST 2012

FWIW, Adam Martinson's named pipe series looks good to me. I tested it
with MS SQL Server, which uses message mode pipes, and did not run
into any problems. In current git I can't connect to server using
named pipes, because as soon as SetNamedPipeHandleState returns false,
client application aborts. (However, just changing SNPHS to return
true is enough to get it working).
I don't think patches 3 and 9 of this series can be split much more,
except maybe for moving asserts into a separate file. Yes, reviewing
them may cause headaches.
The series is supposed to fix bugs 17273 (patch 8/9) and 17195 (patch 9/9).
AFAICT the author is willing to make any adjustments necessary to get
the patches merged.
Patches 1-5 should not cause any problems if applied without the
following. Patches 6-8 may cause regressions if applied without patch

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