[AppDB] Cannot submit rejected Test results after change

Joerg Schiermeier mywine at Schiermeier-Software.de
Sun Dec 30 18:51:59 CST 2012


In AppDB I got a problem, exactly with one of my maintained

some days ago someone filed a test about the mail program 'The Bat!'.
This test has this URL:

So AppDB sent me an email about this test and I went to its web
interface. There I rejected this test result because of some incorrect
version numberings.

Than I got some days later a mail about a new submitted test. I logged
into AppDB again to my control panel but I didn't saw this new
submitted test there.
So I had and have no change to commit this test results. If you follow
the link above you will see: the test results are still there.

So my conclusion:
1.) Someone, maybe you will have to commit this test.
2.) Something went wrong with the AppDB.

Thanks for your attention and your help!


Kindly regards
Joerg Schiermeier

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