quartz: AMFilterData_ParseFilterData returns a pointer to a pointer to filter data

Aric Stewart aric at codeweavers.com
Fri Feb 3 06:32:25 CST 2012

Yeah, I agree there is something odd happening with this function.

It clearly wants a pointer to a pointer,  and then graphedit and all the 
sample code I see online frees the inner pointer but never the outer 

So I cannot alloc that outer pointer of we get a leak.  It does not help 
that the documentation for this method says "Normal applications will 
never call this function" And then proceeds to not describe it very well.

I felt like a static and an field in the object where roughly equivalent.

I can do some tests.

On 2/3/12 4:45 AM, Chris Robinson wrote:
> On Friday, February 03, 2012 2:43:57 PM Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>> Aric Stewart<aric at codeweavers.com>  wrote:
>>> -    REGFILTER2 *prf2;
>>> +    static REGFILTER2 *prf2;
>> What's the point of this change?
> It returns a pointer to the pointer, so the variable needs to remain valid
> after the function exits. The code doesn't really feel safe, though. At the
> very least, I think the pointer should perhaps be made part of the
> implementation object, but even that feels kinda ugly. What happens if it's
> called multiple times?
> REGFILTER **r1, **r2;
> obj->ParseFilterData(data1, cb1,&r1);
> obj->ParseFilterData(data2, cb2,&r2);
> ok(r1 == r2, "Oops\n");
> CoTaskMemFree(*r1);
> /* *r2 is freed now, too */
> Doesn't really seem right to me.

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