winealsa.drv patch to enum all software devices from .asoundrc

Нискородов Серёжа sghpunk at
Mon Feb 13 12:37:42 CST 2012

>>Because if tomorrow I will add a new device to .asoundrc, I will also
>>have to add it to the WINE registry?
> Registry or winecfg, is there such a difference?

Difference is that I have to describe the device in wine while this
device is already described in .asoundrc.

> Elaborated approach:
> 1. Find a way to enumerate devices -- what way?
>   Did you all agree on snd_ctl_name_hint? OpenAL uses snd_card_next
> 2. Try not to list identical devices multiple times -- how?
> 3. and 4. As above

What about adding registry parameter (or winecfg checkbox) to select
when user want to list software devices (with snd_ctl_name_hint()).
Then users who know what device is what can see all devices.
Seems like I can write this (registry parameter, not checkbox) ))

Chris Robinson wrote:
> It's not something normal users do, but for "power users" I don't see a
> problem with asking them to tell Wine about it.

I'm a power user, but for what I have to wrote device name in regedit,
if I can just select it from the list?
What you think about my suggestion above?

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