Spaces in the Korean translation.

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Feb 26 11:06:46 CST 2012

I noticed some leading and trailing space issues in the Korean 
translation. I think these are probably safe to change. However I then 
noticed that there was a lot of sentences mixed single and double 

So I wonder if that's normal, maybe tied to a Korean typography rule 
related to half vs. full width characters; or if only single or double 
spaces should be present.

Here are a few examples:

"주의:  이 파일 형식은 아마도 하나 이상의 인증서,인증서 파기 목록,인증서 신뢰 "
      ^^  ^    ^      ^      ^    ^      ^             ^    ^          ^     ^
"목록을 가지고 있을 수 있음:"
       ^      ^    ^  ^

msgstr "'여기로부터'엔트리는  여기까지'엔트리에 도달 할 수 없습니다."
                            ^^                 ^    ^  ^  ^

msgstr "대기열에는  %d의 문서가 존재합니다"
                  ^^    ^      ^

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