mscoree: Implement DllGetClassObject

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Wed Jan 11 03:12:06 CST 2012

Hi Vincent,

On 11/01/2012 5:13 PM, Vincent Povirk wrote:
> You can't just use a static class factory for all the classes.
> There's no need for GetIDispatchForObject when we already have
> GetIUnknownForObject (and all you use is QueryInterface).
I found if you used GetIUnknownForObject and then queried for the 
IDispatch interface, mono returned E_NOINTERFACE. Maybe this is a bug 
with mono.

> +    res = RegGetValueA( key, NULL, "Class", RRF_RT_REG_SZ, NULL,
> classname,&dwBufLen);
> We should probably use a W function here and convert to utf8, rather
> than assume that's the default encoding.
I'll give it a go.

Best Regards
  Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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