Vista/w2k8/w7 + ALSA users, please test mmdevapi capture

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Thu Jan 12 02:50:45 CST 2012


Thanks to all five users who sent me data.

I've a new testbot job.
Please download mmdevapi_test32|64.exe

you don't need a microphone, just a capture capable sound card, unlike testbot.

there should be next to 0 failures in lines 200-410. Failures in 411-600
(function test_capture2) are not interesting.

It would be good to repeat the test a few times to see whether there's a random failure.

Also, please compare
mmdevapi_test[64].exe capture
mmdevapi_test[64].exe capture > capture.log

Redirecting to a file leads to vastly different results (in the render tests) because
output to the MS-DOS shell is extremely slow and thus affects timing.

On a 64bit machine, you may also compare the output of both
executables. The behaviour is apparently not the same!

On Unix with ALSA, you may try my latest patches from and see if it works for you.
 - Stop without snd_pcm_drop patch
 - Reset accounting patch
 - CaptureClient protocol patch
I'm at 0 failures (ignoring test_capture2) and a few todo with dmix and 0-1 (random) with PulseAudio.

Please post or send me the results -- not just the failures,
the console output too including position/padding/flags.

Thank you for testing,
        Jörg Höhle

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