Getting Wine's PO files on Launchpad

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Jan 20 11:36:17 CST 2012

I've had a discussion about getting Wine's PO files online with Andrej 
Znidarsic and thought it would be interesting to share it here (with his 

Andrej Znidarsic wrote:

> I have just discussed some details about how translations in Launchpad 
> work. Basically there is no direct traceability on the commit level, 
> since each export is done by launchpad not individual translators. 
> Exports generally look like this - 
> However on Launchpad it's possible to see which strings were 
> translated by which translator (an example is here - 
> and if "translator credits" string exists in the .pot file, names of 
> all launchpad contributors are automatically exported and are 
> displayed in "About" window as can be seen here - 
> (first name is from Gnome 
> upstream and the rest are Launchpad contributors). Names of all 
> Launchpad contributors are also listed on the package case (you can 
> see an example here - 
> If that is good enough then Launchpad is in my opinion a very 
> attractive solution as community of translators is already quite 
> large. I also discussed this on #ubuntu-translators and people are 
> generally quite interested in having wine available in Launchpad and 
> would very likely contribute to wine translations if they were 
> available. They would also be willing to help setting up the import 
> and export, so let me know if you (as a wine developer community) are 
> interested in it.

>From what I took out of WineConf, the problem with that is that we need 
to be able to trace every Wine commit to a specific person. So tracing 
it to something like 'Launchpad French Translation Team' would not be 
good enough. I thought there was a Launchpad API that we could use to 
remotely access the Launchpad data and build our patches ourselves but 
apparently that's not the case:

Andrej Znidarsic wrote:
> As far as i know there is no such API available (yet). You can only 
> review who is responsible for what in package details (example for 
> supertuxkart game and Slovenian language can be seen here - 

Does anyone know if progress or new insight has been gained on this?
(or on integrating Wine with other online translation systems)

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