Profiing windows apps

Ralph Little littlesincanada at
Tue Jan 31 11:29:23 CST 2012

I'm looking at bug #9672 again in the The Sims.
The app crashes early on during initialisation in DirectDraw. The problem occurs after CreateSurface returns an error, since it would appear that the DDSURFACEDESC passed into the call is foobar.
This would lead me to conclude that something on the lead up to that call is precipitating that rogue call.

I have a legal Windows XP and I wish to trace the calls leading up to this point with real Windows/DirectX to compare with what is happening to Wine so that I can assess what is upsetting the application, since I can't see anything in the Wine trace prior to that that looks suspicious.

Does anyone have any experience with tracing apps in real Windows in the context of Wine development? 

Should I use a profiler or is there a simpler method?

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