Wine on the front page of Reddit

Caleb Hearon caleb at
Tue Jul 3 00:18:25 CDT 2012

Hi all,

In a conversation between myself (MaggotBrain on the forums) and Jarrex, 
I expressed some frustration that Blizzard had been banning Diablo III 
users who used Wine.  He posted some of the excerpts I sent him from 
WineHQ, and it quickly got to 17 pages on Blizzard's forums.

Then it made the front page of Reddit with 25k votes!

It's likely a mistake on Blizzard's part.  But I thought this might be 
interesting to some people here. It's amazing that this conversation I 
had while at work led to more widespread awareness of Wine (one of the 
top comments on Reddit asks what Wine is).

And Wine hackers- great work, I've just finished playing 2 hours of 
Diablo III and it runs great.

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