Building Wine on amd64 FreeBSD?

Hilko Bengen bengen at
Thu Jul 5 16:37:20 CDT 2012

Following Marcus Meissner's advice how to build a WoW64 setup (thanks!),
I have succeeded in building a set of co-installable i386/amd64 Debian
packages. Those won't make it into the "wheezy" release as I was just a
bit late for the freeze, but I have uploaded packages to experimental.

What didn't work was building the 64-bits of wine on
Debian/kfreebsd-amd64 (Debian userland including GNU libc on a FreeBSD
kernel): <>

Apparently the reason is that the uc_mcontext structure does not store
the DS, ES, FS, and GS registers. After I made the changes below,
everything compiled, but how useful is the result? Are those registers
contained in uc_mcontext on "plain" FreeBSD?


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