Wine automated testing update

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu Jul 12 19:54:40 CDT 2012

I have pushed my libvirt development branch to GitHub so you can see 
what's brewing:

Note that I still rebase the libvirt branch regularly as I realize my 
mistakes or want to reorganize things so they make sense. So know that 
basing your work on my libvirt branch will be like trying to build a 
house on quicksand.

This should settle down once WineTestBot is fully working on my test 
environment. For now it's not quite the case yet: it's missing the code 
to copy files to/from the VM and run stuff in the VM. But at least the 
web site works, VMs get started/reverted and I can build tests in the 
build VM (except for msvcp90 because of bug 30980 :-( ).

It turns out that out of the ~30 patches so far only one is for libvirt.
The others add documentation (the result of my trying to understand how 
things work), remove dead code, tweak things a bit and include the odd 

I have attached one patch that could be worth applying to the current 
   web: Fix a couple of links to the registration page. 

Maarten, can you confirm that what's in Git corresponds to the code that 
runs the current production machines?

Francois Gouget <fgouget at>
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