Query MediaType of SD-Cards using IOCTL_GET_DISK_DRIVE_GEOMETRY

Eduard Hasenleithner eduard at hasenleithner.at
Sun Jul 15 00:50:46 CDT 2012


Am 2012-07-14 21:35, schrieb Dan Kegel:
>> Is it worth for working on patches for these issues, or is this
>> completely impossible with the current architecture?
> Do you know yet why no symlink is made
> in dosdevices for /media/XXXX-YYYY?

Well, if the partition would be detected as 'removable' in 
udisks_new_device, it would be added using add_dos_device instead of 
add_volume in said function. When added as dos_device the symlink is 
apparently correctly initialized. Maybe the udisks_new_device function 
should query the removable flag in the master device and not in the 

When this is solved, the other two problems are still there.


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