Wine automated testing update

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Sun Jul 15 14:11:47 CDT 2012

* On Thu, 21 Jun 2012, Francois Gouget wrote:
> --- Host / VM communication
> One piece that's missing is the ability to copy files from/to a VM and
> to run specific commands in a VM. 
>  * There's Cygwin's OpenSSH server which would give us what we need
>    through scp and ssh. Cygwin does not install on NT4 and I'm not
>    convinced it's really free of side-effects. In particular copying
>    the cygwin directory to another computer does not seem to work.

Seems like some guy Darren Tucker [1] is in the same boat:

" I have an old windows VM with an oldish cygwin that I use for the
regression tests.  Investigating one of the test failures, I see that
it's for UsePrivilegeSeparation=sandbox, and it seems to be because
setrlimit(RLIMIT_FSIZE, ...) is not supported.

IMO, this isn't a big loss, since the most useful thing in the rlimit
"sandbox" is the descriptor limits.  Can anyone see a reason not to just
omit RLIMIT_FSIZE on cygwin?  It's a no-op unless you've explicitly set
"UsePrivilegeSeparation sandbox" in sshd_config. "

Maybe you could ask him about his experience on side-effects?

OTOH, to measure the difference between modern Win and NT4 one could 
probably compile whole env from the scratch and run Cygwin regression 
tests.  Some guys are doing "make -s test". [2]

>  * There's more limited OpenSSH installations derived from Cygwin
>    but I'm not sure they're much better on the side-effects side.

I've found tutorial about installing rsync on old Windows. [3]

Maybe rsync could look like having fewer side-effects (or no at all) with 
this port now that it has been resurrected by some degree -- support for 
Win7 x64 was added this year. [4]



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