SV: msi: fix incorrect decoding of msi stream-names

Oleg Jakobsen Oleg.Jakobsen at
Thu Jul 12 07:02:42 CDT 2012

Hi, my bad, you both and the code is obviously correct. 

Sorry for the bad patch. I wrongfully assumed that there was an assignment to the out-buffer at the second ch = mime2utf();

Fra: Hans Leidekker [hans at]
Sendt: 12. juli 2012 09:23
Til: wine-devel at; Oleg Jakobsen
Emne: Re: msi: fix incorrect decoding of msi stream-names

On Wed, 2012-07-11 at 15:03 +0000, Oleg Jakobsen wrote:
> @@ -203,6 +203,7 @@ BOOL decode_streamname(LPCWSTR in, LPWSTR out)
>                  *out++ = mime2utf(ch&0x3f);
>                  count++;
>                  ch = mime2utf((ch>>6)&0x3f);
> +                               continue;
>              }
>          }
>          *out++ = ch;

Why is it incorrect? It seems to me that the upper bits should be written as
the next character but now you are discarding them.

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