What's the right way to implement _wtoi_l?

Alex Henrie alexhenrie24 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 01:07:57 CDT 2012

Dear Wine developers,

Bug 24389 documents an application crash due to the unimplemented
function msvcr90._wtoi_l. I have been looking into how to resolve this
problem. I see three workable options:

1. Implement msvcr90._wtoi_l by copying the code from ntdll._wtoi to
msvcrt, ignoring the locale parameter for now.

2. Forward msvcr90._wtoi_l to ntdll._wtoi via msvcr90.spec, ignoring
the locale parameter for now.

3. Implement msvcr90._wtoi_l as a stub function in msvcrt that always returns 0.

Any of these options would fix bug 24389. Which one should I work on?


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