Dmitry Timoshkov : gdiplus: GdipMeasureString operates internally in pixels but in/ out rectangles are in device units.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Jul 23 10:00:46 CDT 2012

Vincent Povirk <madewokherd at> wrote:

> Oh. Then what I mean to say is that if you specify the size in logical
> units, the size in pixels depends on the dpi of the graphics object.
> The size in world coordinates depends on the size in pixels, the page
> unit, page scale, and the world transform.
> At least this is the way your tests lead me to believe native behaves.
> Builtin does not behave that way, so I think you have partially fixed
> some cases and broken others.

That's unavoidable in the mess in which currently gdiplus handles coordibates.

> > convert_unit() is a very poorly named helper, and its meening and behaviour
> > has changed in time it seems. convert_unit() needs to be removed completely,
> > and conversion between pixels and device/font units should be generalized.
> Well, we should mostly be using GdipTransformPoints instead (so that
> we can account for world transform, page scale, and page unit in a
> general way) and avoiding convert_unit directly. I see we're
> essentially duplicating that logic in prepare_dc and
> transform_and_round_points.

Yes, consistently using GdipTransformPoints would help at least partially
solve current mess.

> In cases where we need to convert a logical measurement to a device
> measurement (maybe including in GdipTransformPoints) I think
> units_to_pixels/pixels_to_units is appropriate, but it should really
> take a Graphics object rather than a dpi (since the correct dpi cannot
> be known without a Graphics object). And we need testing to decide
> whether to account for the page scale in that calculation.

The helpers are useful for a font object too, that's why they don't use
graphics object as input.

> > For instance setting device unit to millimeters with GdipSetPageUnit() and
> > then calling GdipDrawImageI() leads to completely wrong results because
> > down in the path there is huge confusion between device units, source
> > coordinates units and device/world transforms applied to both of them
> > using only device X resolution and completely ignoring image resolution.
> > What a mess.
> Yes, I'm aware that the DrawImage functions that don't take a
> destination size should be using the image resolution. I've been
> putting that off. But I think this only matters for images, fonts, and
> perhaps texture brushes. All other cases should use world coordinates.

Image resolution and using only X device resolution is only a tiny part of
the mess described above.


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