kernel32: Reimplement GetLogicalDrives using the mountmgr

GOUJON Alexandre ale.goujon at
Mon Jul 23 14:07:12 CDT 2012

On 07/23/2012 03:03 PM, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> That's very inefficient. There are better way of enumerating drives,
> check for instance QueryDosDevice.
I'm not sure QueryDosDevice is more efficient :
+ with NULL device name, it returns every MS-DOS device which is not 
what we want
+ if we call it with A: B: C: and so on, we still need a loop
+ plus, we have to dynamically increase the buffer size while 

Would creating a new IOCTL_MOUNTMGR_QUERY_ALL_UNIX_DRIVES be (more) 
acceptable ?

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