Wine's support for reporting calling conventions

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Jul 26 09:24:35 CDT 2012

that's a limitation of dwarf format (IIRC, from the specs, you have
either the default CC for your programming language/ABI, or a specific
one without defining it further)
FYII, the codeview format reports correctly this information
note also that winedbg doesn't support calling functions in the
debuggee, so this information is actually not used in winedbg

2012/6/6, Roger Cruz <roger_r_cruz at>:
> In dlls/dbghelp/dwarf.c, there is this snippet of code which appears to
> hard-code the calling convention to CALL_FAR_C.  Does Wine not support
> reporting a function's calling convention correctly then?  Is it a
> limitation of DWARF or just that it is not implemented?  I can see that
> DWARF has a DW_AT_calling_convention field but when I examine a Wine DLL
> with objdump, it does not show this field in use.
>     /* FIXME: assuming C source code */
>     sig_type = symt_new_function_signature(ctx->module, ret_type,
> Thanks
> Roger

Eric Pouech

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