Investigating iexplore/activex issues

Joel Holdsworth joel at
Thu Jul 26 13:32:10 CDT 2012

Hi All,

I've recently begun working at VCA technology on an IP security camera 
system. I'm mostly doing embedded linux stuff, but bhe code I'm working 
with uses an ActiveX control to show the video and the overlaid annotations.

I've doing quite a lot of experimentation trying to get the page work 
correctly on Wine. So far the results have been rather disappointing:

wine git-head:
     wine builtin iexplore - page loads blank, though wireshark shows 
that html+js has been received. Various ole related fixmes.
     IE7 & IE8 installed to seperate prefixes - IIRC page fails to load

wine 1.4
     wine builtin iexplore - page loads, but activex control fails to 

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can better investigate these 
issues? And what is the status of ActiveX in wine - is it likely to work 
at all?


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