"Complimentary" msvcrt?

Ilya Konstantinov future at shiny.co.il
Tue Jul 31 13:48:54 CDT 2012


I apologize for the flood of "newbie" questions coming from me lately :-)
At the very least, I'll be giving Winelib a decent challenge, and
perhaps we could
improve it a bit...

Now, I've seen that Wine re-implements MSVCRT. However, this is a
drop-in MSVCRT.DLL
replacement, and it's incompatible with the rest of the GNU toolchain;
for example,
the GNU libstdc++ barfs on trying to include its own <wchar.h> and
ending up including
the msvcrt/wchar.h instead.

I'm looking for something more humble -- a library for easy porting,
implementing those
functions not implemented by glibc itself -- e.g. _wfopen, _wgetenv.
In fact, many
MSVCRT functions can be made available by simply #define-ing them to their glibc
counterparts. (Of course, this should be done carefully.)

The main goal of this library should be source-level compatibility.

Does such a thing exist?

P.S. I know "real men" port their code to "real glibc", but I believe
in taking small steps for
bringing Linux into our codebase, thus decreasing friction with the
rest of the developers.

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