Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Sat Jun 2 11:25:08 CDT 2012

On 06/01/2012 12:34 AM, Vincent Povirk wrote:
> Yes, that was added in today's Git. When you do a prefix update, and a
> recent wine-mono (or native .NET) isn't installed, Wine will try to
> install it from a system location, and if that fails it will ask to
> download it. The wine-mono install is limited to your Wine prefix, and
> you don't have to have Mono on your host system. If you don't have the
> wine-mono msi package on your system, and you cancel the download, it
> won't be installed.
> If you don't want to use it, and the dialog annoys you, override
> mscoree to disabled or native-only. Apps that don't need .NET should
> still work fine, but it's not a supported configuration.
> I can respect irrational dislike. I sort of feel that way about Java
> (I'll generally avoid any software that requires it). But the ideal of
> Wine is for all programs to just work like on Windows, and we can't
> get there for .NET apps without this change.

Please add a --without-mono option to configure, and so on...

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