also installs mono

James Eder jimportal at
Tue Jun 5 12:16:08 CDT 2012

>> You obviously have absolutely no idea what the wine-mono package is for.
>> You should read up and apologize.
> NO APOLOGY!  You are missing the point.

You are missing the point.  You're argument lacks weight because you
clearly have no idea what you're talking about.  One cannot base a
reasonable argument on top of displays of ignorance and irrationality.
 You can try but in the end you only look like an ass.  I understand
that you're very passionate about the subject but understand that such
displays harm your cause more than help it.

You were wrong on several technical details which you based several
key points of your argument on.  A reasonable thing to do would be to
offer an apology while moving on to other points you feel more sure
about.  Instead you respond with more rudeness.

At this point I don't think you can recover well enough to have a
meaningful discussion.  You should make a strategic withdrawal, do
some research, and reform your argument.


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