d3dx9_36: D3DXQuaternionLn computes as if the norm of the input is 1

Nozomi Kodama nozomi.kodama at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 20:26:24 CDT 2012

>>2012/6/12 Nozomi Kodama <nozomi.kodama at yahoo.com>:

>> +    if ( (pq->w >= 1.0f) || (pq->w == -1.0f) )
>I think the second comparison should be '<=', if you want to avoid getting NaNs.

I checked in Vista.  D3DX accepts -1.0f as input and returns what the patch does.

However, any value < -1.0f is a unacceptable value for D3DX ( D3DX returns (-1#IND00,-1#IND00,-1#IND00,-1#IND00) ).

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