xbox 360 emulation with logitech cordless and dinput joy disable

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Jun 13 10:52:03 CDT 2012


The patch needs a few improvements before it can be accepted into Wine. I 
can't comment on the dinput / xinput specifics of the patch, so this is a non-
exhaustive list of general suggestions.

Concerning the big picture, this patch needs a few discussions about 
xinput.dll design. There have been some discussions about that in the past, 
and I hope that some dinput devs can help out.

Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012, 23:48:53 schrieb Giovanni Ongaro:
> From: root <root at joe.(none)>
Please configure git correctly, see section 

Also consider using a non-root user, but that's your personal setup, so not 
really my business.

> +     if (getenv("LINIXFORCENOJOY") != NULL) return FALSE; /*JoeFix disable 
The problem with dinput vs xinput conflicts should probably be solved in a 
different manner. That aside, such configurations are usually done via 
registry keys. Also comments like /* I changed this here */ are useless, the 
git history stores this information anyway.

> + <...> //JoeFix DEAD ZONE
This is a C++ comment and not allowed in Wine. See

> +    fdJoy=open("/dev/input/js0",O_RDONLY | O_NONBLOCK);
Xinput.dll should not open joystick devices directy, and definitely not a 
hardcoded one. I don't know if there's consensus about how xinput should be 
implemented, but basing it on top of dinput might be a start.

A good start would be to write a few tests to test how Windows announces(or 
doesn't announce) Xbox gamepads and other gamepads/joysticks to games. My 
understanding is that xinput.dll only works for Xbox gamepads. Do those show 
up in dinput on Windows?

> +#define DEAD_ZONE 4096
> ...
> +           if (e.number == 4) {
> +                 if (e.value == 1) {
> +                   FIXME("TRIGGER LEFT PRESSED\n");
> +                   pState->Gamepad.bLeftTrigger=32767;
> +                 }
> +                 else {
> +                   pState->Gamepad.bLeftTrigger=0;
> +                 }
> ...
> +#define JOYMAX 30000
> +#define JOYMIN -30000
The hardcoded numbers look questionable. The 4 and 1 are probably specific to 
the joystick, the 32767 might have a symbolic name like XINPUT_MAX or 

A part of this seems to be needed due to the attempt to emulate an xbox 
gamepad with a different device. Personally I'm not opposed to doing that, and 
you might need some device specific tricks to pull this off. However, this 
needs a more structured approach than hardcoding the values needed for one 
specific Logitech device in the code.

Best regards,
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