msvcrt: Fix the name of the Portuguese locale alias.

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Thu Jun 14 04:38:41 CDT 2012


On 06/14/2012 11:25 AM, Piotr Caban wrote:
> On 06/13/12 23:51, Bruno Jesus wrote:
>> Just a side note. Although I'm not sure I think portuguese is "ptg",
>> brazilian portuguese is "ptb". So the correct may be:
>>> +    "portuguese", "ptg",
>> A Portugal user would be able to check that, or maybe it's easier to
>> write a testcase.
> There already is a test confirming current behavior. It passes on Win7,
> fails on NT4.
this behavior is consistent with Windows treating Brazilian Portuguese
as the "default" Portuguese language:
include/winnt.rh:#define SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN       0x01
include/winnt.rh:#define SUBLANG_DEFAULT                  0x01


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