John Emmas johne53 at
Thu Jun 14 23:22:02 CDT 2012

Firstly, I'm not a Linux user.  I'm a Windows programmer but I have a passing knowledge of Linux (and several friends who are Linux programmers).  I write a Windows application which gets launched as a child process by a popular Linux DAW.  My program was first written many years ago when the (then) current version of Wine was about v0.9.58.  Over a hundred people are using my program with old versions of Wine and I've had no complaints so far.

Recently however, two customers tried to use it with Wine v1.5.35.  In both cases the program crashed - apparently because some particular function wasn't found in MSVCP60.dll (at the moment, we don't know which function).  Both customers went to a web site called WineTricks from where they were able to install an alternative version of MSVCP60.dll.  My app now gets past the place where it previously crashed although it now crashes further on...  :-(

It looks as if the MSVC6 runtime module(s) that now come with Wine aren't the same as the ones from v0.9.58.  Either they're different versions of the Microsoft DLLs or maybe they're now being implemented by somebody else, perhaps as part of Wine development?  Either way, they don't work with my particular app any more.

I still have Visual C++6 installed on an old computer, together with both the source code and the (InstallShield) packager for my original app.  So is there anything I can do to make this work?  For example, do I need to link against a particular version of the MSVC6 runtime?  Or do I need to configure my packager so that it specifically distributes the runtime modules that my app linked to?  I never did that in the past - because whichever runtime came with Wine seemed to work.  Any advice?


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