ru.po: improved an Russian translation

Oleg Yarigin dralife at
Thu Jun 14 22:06:56 CDT 2012

Hi, Julian!

> 1. Patches should be sent to wine-patches at, not wine-devel.
Thank you a lot, I didn't know these address!
> I don't think that's a good idea... Afaik, the general guideline is to
> not change formatting and punctuation (from the English original),
> unless there's a rule in the Russian language that specifically
> dictates it.
In Russian there is different from English punctuation. We create a tool
for humans, not machines, don't we? So, we must improve a punctuation
according to a language's rules. Instead, I send my improves to Nikolay,
as you recommended.

> A normal, UTF-8 formatted textfile as an attachment ... should suffice,
> you shouldn't need to pack it.
> I guess an archive could also confuse the automated scripts
I packed it to decrease a size. But if it isn't good for merging, I
willn't do it.

> Please understand this as constructive criticism, it will help getting
> your patch accepted and not cause extra work for the maintainer
> (Alexandre). It looks like you invested a lot of effort, thanks for
> that.
No, that's OK. There isn't something bad in constructive criticism, I

Best regards,

P. S. I didn't know how to post messages into pipemail, so I replied 
privetly. There is a copy of my answer.

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