John Emmas johne53 at
Fri Jun 15 16:59:30 CDT 2012

On 15 Jun 2012, at 10:41, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:

> Hello John!
> On 06/15/2012 06:22 AM, John Emmas wrote:
>> Firstly, I'm not a Linux user.  I'm a Windows programmer but I have a
>> passing knowledge of Linux (and several friends who are Linux
>> programmers).  I write a Windows application which gets launched as a
>> child process by a popular Linux DAW.  My program was first written many
>> years ago when the (then) current version of Wine was about v0.9.58.
>> Over a hundred people are using my program with old versions of Wine and
>> I've had no complaints so far.
>> Recently however, two customers tried to use it with Wine v1.5.35.  In
>> both cases the program crashed - apparently because some particular
>> function wasn't found in MSVCP60.dll (at the moment, we don't know which
>> function).  Both customers went to a web site called WineTricks from
> That is fairly trivial to figure out. Start your app with Wine on the
> command line and it will crash with an exception:
>  Call from <address> to unimplemented function MSVCP60.<function>
> Once you have those please open a bug on for
> them.

Thanks for the suggestion Michael,

I'm still trying to track this down with my 2 customers but one of them told me something very interesting this afternoon.  It seems that the more recent versions of Wine have 2 distinct modes:-  a 'native' mode (which he thinks uses genuine Microsoft DLLs) and some other mode which uses what he called 'fake' DLLs.  The native mode seems to be working.  It's the other mode that crashes.  I need to check if that's the same with the second customer but in the meantime, can anyone confirm if these two modes do co-exist these days?  It's very different from my older Wine which used only Microsoft DLLs AFAIK.  I should have some better info next week.


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