[PATCH] winepulse.drv: Add PulseAudio driver

Darryl Slack squirrel at acorn3d.co.uk
Mon Jun 18 04:39:11 CDT 2012

Well after fighting with pulseaudio after all this time

I have tried this patch with wine 1.5.6 with a Presonus StudioLive
24.4.2 Fire-wire controller within wine, to control software known as
Virtual DJ with timecoded vinyl records.

With Andrew's patch, there are stalled buffer errors, and I wasn't able to
measure latency very well because the controller just kept on reporting

I did also try martaans driver, which was added to wine, and latency was
much lower, and the controller worked well within Linux, in fact the first
time i've actually been able to use it with pulseaudio.

I was measuring latency much lower than I expected, 2-4ms. With Andrew's
Driver I was not even able to play a timecode from start to finish without
'stalled' buffers.

Please Take the time to QA this driver for things just other than 'cos we
have it' and consider Martaan's driver as well, because there is a massive
improvement in latency over Andrews, and applications
requiring fire-wire work much nicer with pulseaudio.

My Wine build is 1.5.4, Gentoo 3.4.2-r1.


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