Incompatibility in Kernel32

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Jun 21 04:11:10 CDT 2012

Hans Leidekker <hans at> wrote:

> > Is there any reason that you call DeleteFile() on a still being opened file?
> That's the whole point of this test. The observed behavior is that you can pass a
> filename to MsiRecordSetStream, successfully delete the file, and keep on using the
> stream.
> We currently implement MsiRecordSetStream by creating an in-memory copy of the
> stream. As Robert noticed, this will fail if the stream is too large.
> The idea is to move to an implementation on top of a file handle, but it should
> still allow DeleteFile to succeed while the file is in use.

Thanks, I see. Removing GENERIC_WRITE from flags passed to NtCreateFile by
DeleteFile makes the test I just sent for that behaviour pass (and that's
most like a correct fix), but that leads to some other test failures.
This needs further investigation.


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