Building WoW64 packages

Hilko Bengen bengen at
Mon Jun 25 16:21:33 CDT 2012


after the effort on the Debian wine packages has progressed to a point
where it's likely that we'll release wheezy with a stable wine version
that is not completely out of date, I'd like to take things a step

I recently spent some time looking at ways how we could build Debian
packages for a shared WoW64 setup similar to what is described in We will have to use separate build
environments because having 32-bit and 64-bit -dev packages installed at
the same time is not possible. Installing a 64-bit package that contains
the build tools into a 32-bit environment should be possible, though.

>From looking at the build system, things happen in a different way when
I run configure for the 32-bit components with --wine64=...:

1. Manpages are not installed (WOW64_DISABLE)
2. --disable-fonts is implied
3. --disable-server is implied, so wineserver is not built. (The 64-bit
   wineserver is used instead, right?)
4. --disable-tools is implied because the existing build tools are being

Did I miss anything?

Leaving parts out is easy to understand, but how do the build tools that
have been built for the x86_64 architecture affect the 32-bit components
that are being built with them? Are different paths encoded into


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