Instructions for using JACK with with Wine's ALSA output on wiki: reverted twice

Alex Bradbury asb at
Sun Mar 11 07:31:43 CDT 2012

Recently user 'falktx' posted instructions on the Sound wiki page on
how to set up an ALSA to JACK bridge that would work with Wine. He did
this at the suggestion of aeikum:

14:45 <@aeikum> okay. so it is possible to get this working correctly.
that's good to know
14:46 < falktx> I can make a small package with my setup scripts
14:47 <@aeikum> that might be handy to put up on the sound wiki page

If you look at the page edit history, you'll see the content has been
reverted twice by Vitaliy without comment:

Please can you (wine developers) clarify your position on this. It
seems to be useful content for the wiki that will benefit a number of
users and I can see no justification for deleting it. It could be
argued it clutters up the Sound wiki page, in which case it should be
moved to a separate page linked to from there.

Thank you,


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