My GSoC 2012 proposal

Vitaliy vitaliy at
Mon Mar 19 21:17:14 CDT 2012

On 03/18/2012 11:22 PM, Lucas Zawacki wrote:
> Hello all,
> *Joystick Configuration Tool*
> This seems like a natural project for me to work since I'm very
> familiar with DirectInput and have access to some josysticks,
> including force feedback. I'm not sure about what "Support system
> joystick calibration" is though. Is it related to bug 24235 ?
You got it! That's the bug I was talking about.

There are other smaller things in dinput to fix of course:
- Fix forcefeedback (multiple bugs).
- Create helper thread on demand not at the same time as DInput (bug 21403).


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