GSoC 2012 - Implement a few missing functions in D3DX9

Józef Kucia joseph.kucia at
Tue Mar 20 12:43:28 CDT 2012

Hi there,

I'm writing to discuss my project proposal for upcoming Google Summer
of Code. I was recently playing with Wine, looking around in the code
and searching through Wine bugzilla. As a result I found out that
there is still a quite number of functions missing in Wine's D3DX
implementation. However, some of them are probably not used much in a
real software. For example, the mostly unimplemented ID3DXSkinInfo
interface seems to be not used frequently. In this email I would like
to present things which I would like to implement. I hope that
implementation of this functions, or at least some of them, could
improve Wine compatibility with a few real applications.

I would like to implement the following things:
* Implement D3DXCreateRenderToSurface function and
ID3DXRenderToSurface interface.
* Finish the implementation of ID3DXFont, particularly
ID3DXFont::DrawTextA and ID3DXFont::DrawTextW functions.
* Implement D3DXCreateCubeTextureFrom* and
D3DXCreateVolumeTextureFrom* functions.
* Add support for DDS file format in D3DXGetImageInfoFrom* functions.
I think I could also implement a few missing functions in
ID3DXConstantTable interface, as a bonus task.

I'm looking forward for a feedback. If you find any D3DX's function
more important than functions enumerated by me, please let me know.
I'm also looking for applications with heavy usage of D3DX dlls,
especially applications which are using unimplemented or partially
implemented functions (yes, I'm aware about

Józef Kucia

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