Updating GSoC proposal

HolyCause holy.cause at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 17:15:26 CDT 2012


 > Getting that into Wine in small and incremental patches will be hard as
 > a big drop in patch is not an option.
I don't know if I understand "a big drop in patch"... Do you mean 
committing all of the changes as one, large patch?

On that note, are GSoC projects done in smaller, individual patches or 
are large chunks (say an entire project) integrated at once?

I apologise for my newb-ish questions with regards to wine's processes, 
but I guess I have to learn somehow  ;)

> Hoping to get the parser fully replaced during that isn't.
I hope I didn't imply that I wish to do this... That seems like quite a 
daunting task indeed. My project goals(*) line up as far as getting 
certain products (chromium, firefox) to build using wine; or at least, 
isolate the issue to non-cmd areas as others issues may arise after the 
cmd related issues are fixed.


(*) Currently. The actual proposal might change between now and 
submission date depending on what else I can uncover in the coming week.

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