Updating GSoC proposal

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Wed Mar 21 05:28:22 CDT 2012

On 03/20/12 23:15, HolyCause wrote:
> michael,
> > Getting that into Wine in small and incremental patches will be hard as
> > a big drop in patch is not an option.
> I don't know if I understand "a big drop in patch"... Do you mean
> committing all of the changes as one, large patch?
> On that note, are GSoC projects done in smaller, individual patches or
> are large chunks (say an entire project) integrated at once?
> I apologise for my newb-ish questions with regards to wine's
> processes, but I guess I have to learn somehow  ;)

Patches to Wine should be possibly small and incremental. Otherwise they
are hard (or almost impossible) to review. That's a problem in this
case. It might be very tricky to split rewrite of the parser and a good
plan is required. Perhaps there would be needed some temporary hacks
that would allow mixing new and old parsing code while it's rewritten
part by part. I think such a project would be good, as long as student
is prepared to deal with this.

>> Hoping to get the parser fully replaced during that isn't.
> I hope I didn't imply that I wish to do this... That seems like quite
> a daunting task indeed. My project goals(*) line up as far as getting
> certain products (chromium, firefox) to build using wine; or at least,
> isolate the issue to non-cmd areas as others issues may arise after
> the cmd related issues are fixed.

(I've never worked on cmd myself, so I may be missing some details
here). The point is that proper cmd parser implementation is what cmd
needs the most. The more code you add before the rewrite, the harder
rewrite will be. On the other side, I believe that after rewrite, fixing
existing bugs should be easier and cleaner solution. So ideally, parser
should be rewritten first, before doing more substantial improvements.

That obviously doesn't mean that improvements to cmd should not be
accepted. Everyone is free to work on whatever he wants, and I'd really
like to be able to compile Firefox under Wine, but I'm not sure we want
to promote larger tasks on cmd, such as GSoC project, before parser work
is done.


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